How do I get to Quadra Island?

Retreaters need to get themselves to Vancouver, B.C. by August 12, 2018. Many airlines fly into Vancouver and ticket prices are reasonable if you book early. On the morning of the 12th, your Wayward hosts will pick you up and drive you to Quadra Island. This involves two ferry rides (included in your retreat price). If you are prone to seasickness, be ready with remedies (though the ferries are large and most people find they have no problem). Between the ferry rides is a three hour drive up beautiful Vancouver Island. After our day of travel, the group arrives at Quadra in the evening for a late dinner.

On the way back the trip is reversed, dropping the retreaters in Vancouver on the afternoon of August 19th.

Do I need a passport to enter Canada?

Yes! If you’re not a Canadian citizen, please be sure to renew (or apply for) your passport now. You can learn more about the US passport process here

What do my costs cover?

All retreat activities, your lodging, all meals from the evening of August 12th (when you arrive on Quadra) through the morning of August 19th (when you leave Quadra), transportation from Vancouver to Quadra (and back again), and your very own retreat kit full of goodies.

What are the accommodations like?

Every retreater gets their own bed and most have their own room. (Because of limitation in the house, two retreaters will be sharing a large room with a half-wall separating their beds). If you practice an art that requires a desk or table we can take that into account when your room is assigned. To see more of the house, check the Village Bay Lake House site.

What do I need to bring?

Pack to accommodate weather ranging from cool rain to hot sun. We often get both! You should also bring anything and everything you need to make your art. If you have unusual or complicated materials, contact us and we can discuss how best to deal with any issues.  You may want to check the Canadian customs website to be sure nothing you’re bringing will pose a problem at the border.

Is there really no cell phone or internet access?

Yes. There is spotty cell reception across Quadra Island and absolutely none at the retreat house. There is a landline at the house, in case of emergencies, and a cafe with wi-fi about 30 minutes away. We encourage retreaters to unplug entirely; it contributes to the positive productive atmosphere at the retreat. You’ll be amazed how little you miss it!

Are any of the retreat activities physically strenuous?

The most physically strenuous group activity is a hike to the beach. It is a short but moderately difficult climb, involves a patch of rocky, steep terrain, though nothing requiring any advanced skill or equipment beyond a good pair of shoes. If you are concerned about the degree of difficulty this could pose for you, please contact us to discuss!

I have specific dietary needs and/or food allergies. How will that be accommodated?

We can accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets. If you have a specific food allergy, please let us know where indicated on the application.

I’m allergic to dogs. Will Alma be a problem?

Lauren, our Director of Programming, is very allergic to cats and pretty allergic to dogs, and she does okay with Alma. Alma is an outdoor dog and is not in the house a lot. The house is big and airy with hardwood floors, which also helps.

I don’t really want to socialize. I just want to go to the woods and work a lot. Is this retreat for me?

Probably not. Though this retreat dedicates most of your time to solo work, there are multiple group activities throughout the week. We find the community atmosphere is an essential part of the experience and creates a positive effect on the work created here.

I haven’t made much art yet, but I’d like to start. Is this retreat for me?

Probably not. It is intended for artists already pursuing their craft with full-time intention (even if they hold down day jobs to pay the bills.)

I used to make art, but I’ve taken a lot of time off. Is this retreat for me?

Possibly! If you are coming back to your art after time away and you have a past body of work to share, Wayward may be a great fit. We encourage you to elaborate on your story in your application.

I'm more of a commercial artist, is this retreat for me?

Maybe! It depends on what you're hoping to get from this experience, and whether that aligns with what we can offer. We concentrate a lot of our program on the goal of helping retreaters focus their creative voice and path. We've found that we are best able to realize this goal with artists looking to express their own vision in one way or another, so tell us in your application why that is you! The more types of creative women we can serve, the better.

I am a transgender or gender nonconforming woman. Is this retreat for me?

Yes! Wayward is a safe, positive space for all humans identifying as “women” in some way. If you would like to discuss your specific situation with us, please reach out to us. We are deeply committed to making our retreaters feel welcome and comfortable.

I have or will have physical restrictions, will I be able to participate in this retreat?

Possibly. The house we stay in does not have a ramp and there are several stairs required to enter and exit the house. Additionally, some of the retreat activities and terrain require a fair degree of mobility. But we really encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your specific situation. As much as possible, we want Wayward to be a home for all artists.